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Tooth Replacement

                                   Replacing Missing Teeth

Teeth can be lost for a number of reasons:
1) Gum disease leading to bone loss.
2) Repeated cavities with larger and larger fillings leading to non-restorable teeth.
3) Bone abscess that doesn't resolve with antibiotics and curettage.
4) Radiation therapy or chemotherapy for other medical conditions.

The choices you have to replace missing teeth are based on several factors:
A) Reason the tooth was lost in the first place.
B) Your diligence in home-care regimens (brushing, flossing, dental visits).
C) The health of the remaining teeth.
D) The quality of the remaining bone.
E) Your general health.
F) The medications you take.
G) To what extent you choose to establish a new home regimen based on the replacement product you wish to accept.
H) Financial considerations.

Tooth Replacement Options:
1) Removable appliances
- Can be permanent or temporary
- Can replace 1 tooth or a whole arch of 16 teeth.
- Can be made of metal frame with metal clasps.
- Can be made of hard acrylic with wrought wire clasps.
- Can be made of a soft, flexible acrylic that shows no metal clasps. Yes its prettier but adding teeth to it at a later date is almost impossible.
- The disadvantage is that the clasps are a food trap and the prosthesis should be taken out after meals to clean the clasped teeth.
2) Fixed Bridge Work- The old standard of care
- Can replace 1 tooth or several provided there is adequate tooth and bone support to carry the extra load of the missing teeth.
- Home-care has to be meticulous or decay will develop at the gum line.
- Abutment teeth with restorations need to be prepped. Virgin teeth should be avoided.
3) Implants- The newest standard of care
- Can replace 1 tooth or several. You do not need an implant for every tooth.
- Do not affect remaining teeth. You do need good bone both in height and width.
- Once an implant is in, the restorations can be changed at later dates to accommodate other tooth loss.
- Will not be lost to decay nor gum disease.
- You still have the option of fixed or removable restorations but with great stability.
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