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Orthodontic braces are not just for our children . We can all benefit from the correction of severe or minor tooth mal-alignments.  Aside from improving our looks, it also helps us maintain healthy gums and bone so we can keep our teeth longer.  We can have a better chance of protecting our teeth from decay also, by making it easier to keep them clean. It is not true that once we are adults  our bone cannot tolerate tooth movement. In fact tooth movement improves bone quality by stimulating growth, and improving tooth to tooth relationships, at any age. We offer our patients state-of-the-art  clear retainer braces so almost no-one knows you have them on and in a few short weeks your friends will notice a bigger smile!
When you come to our office, we believe that you have the right to know your options. This means that we explain to you not only your choices but also the effect that your choice has on the longevity of the work we produce and the way you use it.  Most people have at least two options some have three or more. The more information that you can provide, then the more your treatment can be tailored to you. This is especially true when it comes to your choice of restorations like veneers, or porcelain  jackets or porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. Dentistry is about how you bite, what you chew, how you smile, and speak. The laboratories I send your cases to, are in the USA, as local as down the road, but not further than New Jersey or upstate New York. We know exactly what materials are used. They are under the control of US regulations.
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We are committed to Long Island. While the World Economy is in turbulence our office has become a drop-off location for Long Island Cares, The Harry Chappin Food Drive. We ask you and anyone you know who feels they can help, to bring nonperishable items to our office for pick-up by the Long Island Care trucks. We Thank You for your Support!