Cosmetic, Implant, & Family Dentistry

Our practice offers you a wide variety of treatment modalities.  This means that you don't have to travel to multiple offices for comprehensive dental care. It's almost like one-stop shopping!

Cosmetic DentistryBleaching, Aesthetic Re-Contouring, Porcelain Smiles and Clear Braces 

Prosthetic Dentistry:  Implants, Crown and Bridge,  Fixed and Removable Overdentures Restorative Dentistry: Veneers, Bonded Tooth-Colored Fillings, and Sealants 

Orthodontics:  Tooth Up-Righting, Space-Closing, Mouth Guards, Snore Guards, and Clear Braces

Periodontics:  Gum Treatments, including Bone Graft procedures 

Oral Surgery: Implant Placement, Extractions, Sinus Lifts, and Biopsies 

Oral Medicine:  Diseases of the Soft and Hard Tissues, including TMJ, and Cancer Screening 

Endodontics:  Root Canal Therapy 

Sedation: Oral Conscious, Intravenous, Hypnosis, Nitrous Oxide, and Electronic Anesthesia

It is the intent of my staff and I to provide you with quality care in a warm, personal environment, offering modern pain control techniques,also including, music and TV. We have Medical Anesthesiologists readily available to achieve deeper levels of comfort if you prefer, when necessary.

We provide house-calls for those who are homebound. We also provide hospital services if your need requires it.

Whether you are looking for "Teeth in an Hour", one-hour beaching, a make-over project that may take one to three years, clear braces to close a gap, our staff will be there for you, to answer your questions and provide you with courteous caring attention to detail.

Everyone on staff is concerned about your health. Call to schedule your next health care screening  in our office and see what you've been missing. Become part of our family. You'll be glad you did!


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  We welcome the opportunity to serve the dental needs of your entire family. For your convenience we have evening and weekend hours. We accept Master Card and Visa. We participate in several dental insurance plans as well as arrange payment schedules
 Call us for an appointment soon, so that we can help you improve your beautiful "natural" smile through constructive cosmetic dental techniques. See how your smile can improve the quality of your lifestyle by impacting on your overall appearance and self confidence